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Welcome to the Justice Friends Website

We are a casual. friendly guild who enjoy all aspects of gameplay.
We are committed to helping each other and having fun.

Please feel free to post in our forums and enjoy our sense of community.

Guild Master

P.S. check us out on the armory @
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Rashius, Sep 29, 11 8:55 PM.
hi all. I know not everyone is using the website. but I want to make a note here that our membership is way I place no blame on anyone, and i take my part in this as well so as a countermeasure i wish to send the following messege to the guild:


excourage your friends, partners, and anyone who may just be wandering around guildless to come and join our ranks... tell them how great a goup of players we are and how much fun we van make the wow experience for them.

As always I will be trying my best to do my part as well.

Happy Hunting!


Guild Bank Access and Tab changes

Carbunkel, Apr 28, 11 2:44 PM.
Due to increased issues brought up about security and a recent abuse of Guild property, we are unfortunately forced to make changes to the Guild Bank.

The first noticeable change is that lower ranked characters can no longer withdraw the same amount of gold as they may have been accustomed to. This is a minor change and any member who acts according to Guild rules will have no issues with it. As well, if extra gold is needed for a character to advance or promote the Guild (for example: riding and flying or equipment for quests or raids) they may speak with our illustrious Guild Master
Rashius or Justice Council Member Thraina. 

Secondly, Guild Bank Tab Access is more restricted. The Tabs will be re-organized by rank. As well, the stack amount withdrawable has been altered to fit the need for security, but also remain realistic to the needs of the Guild member.

Lastly, we will be re-arranging the Tabs by content. The names of the Tabs will be altered as well, to suit their new assignment.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This will be a constant work in progress as the Guild expands. Please be patient with us as we make this, and any future transitions. 

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or requests please don't be shy, either post here, or in-game chat/mail Rashius or any other prominent Justice Council Member.

Thank you for your understanding,

-Carbunkel, Guild Auditor

Upcoming guild events!!

Rashius, Mar 5, 11 4:36 PM.
OK so as my first actual news piece I wanted to share some of my plans with others who check out the site.
I want this guild to have as much input from members as possible and include everyone I can.

upcoming events:

1. Guild motto/slogan contest - once we get some real participation and memebrship I want to hold a conest for guild submissions on what they believe our motto/slogan should be to represent our guild. I'll figure out some kind of prize for the winner as well :). winner will be decided by guild votes.

2. Guild officer elections. - down the line i want to let all of us see who the real leaders in our group are and allow them to be the ones to really step up and take charge of our group. I'll first open nominations or about a week then we'll hold elections for our leadership roles. so as you get to know us,  keep in mind who you want to see as our leaders in the future.

Watch the forums for more information and to make any suggestions of your own.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Rashius, Mar 4, 11 11:59 PM.
NEW WEBSITE LIVE!!! Welcome one and all to the new Justice Friends website.
I will attempt to keep everyone as up to date as possible as well as provide as much useful information as i can to everyone who wants to utilize it.

PLease feel free to utilize our forum and post all your suggestions and ideas for me to use in making our site and our guild a great success!!!

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